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“Anyone who wants to combine children and careers should read this book. Getting to 50/50 shows you how the integration of professional achievement and family life can strengthen, rather than weaken, each part.”

—Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook


Getting to 50/50 is the first book I’ve read that gets it 100% right.   The advice is brilliant, the examples cogent and compelling, and the tone wise and humorous.  For anyone who wants to enjoy a full career, be a complete parent, and remain a supportive spouse, this is the book that will help you chart the way.”

—Roderick Kramer, William R. Kimball Professor of Organizational Behavior, Stanford University Graduate School of Business


Getting to 50/50 builds on what the latest research tells us:  that children can thrive with two working parents and that fathers and mothers play equally important roles.  It shows parents how to push back at 24/7 work demands and is filled with fresh insights from men and women who are successfully combining careers and family.  I wish this book had existed when I was raising young daughters.”

—Kathleen McCartney, Dean, Harvard Graduate School of Education


“In light of the ongoing debate over how and if working mothers can have it all, the authors say women can have successful careers and be good moms, but only if their spouses are equal partners in the work at home.”

Washington Post


Getting to 50/50 highlights the perpetual debate about the proper work-life balance for parents, particularly for women.”

—CBS Money Watch


Getting To 50/50: How Working Parents Can Have It All is a book not just for women. It’s a message of freedom, a guide to empowerment and shows how two spouses working can benefit the entire family unit. Reading it will spark discussion with your husband and whomever you choose to share its views with. Let the dialogue begin!”

Savvy GeekMoms


“An inspiring and empowering read for all Proud Working Moms.”

Proud Working Mom


“An interesting social study into the dynamics of the nuclear family and the demands on working parents.”

Redefining Mom


“I highly recommend this book for dads that want to give their families more balance.”

Playground Dad


“A valuable read for working couples contemplating parenthood.”

Financial Post


“Kudos to Meers and Strober for publishing this important, much-needed book.”

Working Moms Against Guilt


“Meers and Strober tell a highly readable story about how a 50/50 commitment to work AND family affects work, marriage, children, and sex. You won’t want to miss Getting to 50/50."

—Stew Friedman, Director, Wharton Work/Life Integration Project and author of Total Leadership: Be a Better Leader, Have a Richer Life


Getting to 50/50 offers hope and help, perspective and advice and ultimately, some extraordinarily practical approaches to making a family work, regardless of the specific challenges that family faces.



“[Sharon and Joanna] have spoken at companies and business schools for more than a decade. They know the culture and the challenges. But they're convinced 50/50 can — and should — be done."

The Chicago Tribune


“Offers advice on how to get husbands to pull their weight around the house."

—"Woman's Hour," BBC 4


“Sharon and Joanna are mothers with five young children between them. They understand the challenges and rewards of two — career households. The key is tapping into your best resource and most powerful ally — the man you married.”

The Green Parent


Getting to 50/50 solves one of the most important pieces of the work/life puzzle: the relationship between husbands and wives. For successful and balanced lives, women and men need fair and flexible workplaces, but they also need to create fair and flexible relationships with each other as the authors persuasively show how to do.”

—Sylvia Ann Hewlett, President of the Center for Work-Life Policy and author of Off-Ramps and On-Ramps: Keeping Talented Women on the Road to Success


“Invaluable — should be required reading when any couple applies for a marriage license.”

—Leslie Morgan Steiner, editor of Mommy Wars: Stay-at-Home and Career Moms Face Off on Their Choices, Their Lives, Their Families


“Once in a rare while, a book comes along and changes the entire nature of the discussion.  If Getting to 50/50 doesn't spark a revolution in work/life balance, I don't know what will.”

—Deborah Copaken Kogan, author of Beyond April and Hell is Other Parents


“Yesterday's books were about the war between the sexes. Getting to 50/50 is a peace-treaty -- a solution where both sexes win.”

—Penelope Trunk, author of Brazen Careerist


“A tremendously refreshing and insightful read for parents who want to meet their career aspirations and raise balanced, happy children.  This book shows you it can be done.”

—Alexandria Albers, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley


“With its deft blend of research, interviews, and downright sensible advice, Getting to 50/50 offers a creative take on how to balance the demands of work and home.  (Fathers may be surprised to find out how much they can benefit from these new arrangements.)  Parents with children from 1 to 21 should  rush right out and buy it.”

—Carolyn Pape Cowan and Philip A. Cowan, authors of When Parents Become Partners: The Big Life Change for Couples


“Too many women think they have to give up the career they love to have a happy family.  Getting to 50/50 shows them how to negotiate with bosses and husbands so that everybody wins—including the kids.  Highly recommended.”

—Linda Babcock, coauthor of Women Don’t Ask and Ask for It


“As an organizer for social and economic justice, a true believer in equality, a working mom and a woman leader in a male dominated sector...the labor movement, I found 50/50 right on.  It is full of great advice about how to speak up and negotiate for women, their families and their careers all at the same time.”

—Anna Burger, Secretary-Treasurer of Service Employees International Union


"The learnings from this book really helped us to improve our marrage and my parenting skills. I love being involved closely in the lives of our children."

Jason Strober, husband and father



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