50/50 Roadmap

GETTING TO 50/50: How Working Couples Can Have It All by Sharing It All, presents an action plan for couples based on the simple belief that in order to achieve a successful work-life balance, there must be equal participation of both parents, offering a blueprint on how to successfully work with your husband, your boss, and yourself to fully embrace a 50/50 solution and tackle the conflicting priorities of child care, job demands, and home life responsibilities.

The book provides steps for:

A 50/50 Mindset: Women need to take a stand in the home and in the work place. In order to get to 50/50, they must fully commit to letting husbands do half and relinquish some control. When women minimize their needs (at home and at work) they loose out on quality home/kid time, jobs, promotions, and benefits. Women and men must leave behind outdated thinking in order to change the status quo and work without worry and parent with joy.

A 50/50 Home Life: First step, replace the “I” with “We” and visualize yourselves as equally valuable partners. Second step, talk about who will do what as soon as you can—and make it a lifelong discussion. When fathers are engaged at home as equally as their wives, the workplace becomes a friendlier environment for mothers. Meers and Strober clearly illustrate how men benefit from the 50/50 solution, and they show women how not to sabotage their husbands' unique parenting efforts.

A 50/50 Work Life: Meers and Strober help identify a 50/50 employer, script how to tell your boss that you are pregnant, detail effective ways to prepare for maternity leave and make yourself an indispensable go-to person. They provide men with tools on how to lay the groundwork to negotiate paternity leave and flextime and they offer advice to both women and men on how to successfully integrate back into work life once the baby is born, and much more.



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